Crane Operation Management

Planning of crane operations is one of the main challenges in industrial project, especially in modular construction projects during the installation of heavy modules. This planning is handled by hand and with trials and errors approach in most of the projects, which not only is time consuming but also, does not have sufficient accuracy. To facilitate this process, applying some construction management tools such as simulation and optimization algorithms is advantageous.
In crane operation, one of the most prevalent cranes is mobile crane, which is considered appropriate not only due to its bearing capacity but also, for its ability to walk and maneuver in construction site. Planning of crane operation contains but is not limited to the below items:
1) Proper mobile crane selection, regarding required attributes and sufficient bearing capacity
2) Manage the costs, which is related to the crane’s rent.
3) Determine the situated place of mobile crane for specifying substructure under the crane and its relevant costs.
4) Crane’s path planning in a manner that collisions and confliction in the construction site is eliminated. This planning should be updated concurrent with the project progress.

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